Cracking the Code on Expense Compliance

Today’s organisations need controls to prevent or mitigate the losses that can result from human errors, duplications and mis-categorisation – in other words, non-compliant business spend.

Compliance can be daunting, for finance and employees alike and whether it’s internal guidelines or external regulatory requirements, the way an organisation defines and enforces policy determines its risk for non-compliant spend.

Sound policies are only part of the equation; efficient and consistent enforcement through best-in-class technology close the loopholes that can leave you exposed.

Let’s explore employee business spend compliance and uncover some of the ways you can crack compliance in your organisation. During this on-demand webinar, focused on ‘Cracking the code on compliance’, we will discuss:

  • What compliance means for organisations?
  • How to maintain a compliant T&E program
  • How you can drive greater compliance
  • How Cloud-Based technology can help solve compliance 
  • Audit processes and policy compliance 

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