How Better Employee Experiences Leads to Better Business Outcomes

As businesses look for stability and growth, leaders are grappling with ever more complex challenges. But the solution often leads back to one thing: your people.

The experience your people have is critical to your ability to thrive. Employees want their work to be efficient, meaningful and digital – but how can you create a stellar employee experience?

Ryan Demaray, MD for SAP Concur, is joined by Russel Dalgleish, advisor to the Scottish Government and Board of Trade, to discuss how the finance function can be a driving force behind a better employee experience that can lead to better business outcomes.

The discussion will cover the following topics:

  • How to boost engagement and employee satisfaction
  • Improving productivity through technology
  • Likely business outcomes – cost controls, compliance and data visibility

Event Details:

Date: 21st July 
Time: 11:00 a.m. BST
Duration: 30 Minutes




Russel Dalgleish, Serial Entrepreneur and Board Advisor

Russel is a director and member of the Advisory Board to Scottish Governments CivTech Programe and to the Board of Trade. Aside from these two roles he is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and founding member of the Scottish Business Network. LinkedIn


Ryan Demaray, Managing Director, SAP Concur

Ryan oversees the SAP Concur SMB Business unit for EMEA, with an emphasis on Small and Midsized Business (SMB) organizations for SAP Concur. LinkedIn