User Support Desk
Ultimately, the success of your travel and expense management solution is in the hands of your employees and if they do not have the support they need, when they need it, they may abandon the solution. Low adoption rates lead to a lack of compliance and out-of-policy spending, not to mention insuf cient data for reporting and business intelligence. To ensure a high-level of employee...
Systems Integration Services
Ensure a high return on investment through a smooth implementation. System integration projects can involve dif cult, time-consuming tasks due to the range and complexity of data management requirements. To truly leverage the powerful employee spend data generated by Concur’s solutions, it is essential to load this valuable data into your nancial system. For organisations short on...
Market Guide for Travel Expense Management Software PREMIUM

Submitting expenses is often a tedious and inefficient task for employees and finance departments alike. Application leaders should evaluate how modern TEM applications can substantially improve the end-user experience and add business value for the organization.

How Finance leadership pays off: Finance leaders in EMEA... PREMIUM
The business environment in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) is fraught with disruptions. Some, like Brexit and the Mediterranean refugee crisis, are local phenomena. Others, such as the Trump presidency in the U.S. and saber-rattling in North Korea, unsettle the region from afar. Add unexpected crises like the recent ransomware attack on Britain’s National Health Service, and...
Automated and integrated travel requests
Travel expenses are one of the greatest controllable costs in many corporations. Up to 10 percent of overhead is devoted to T&E expenses, and the best time to control this spending is before it happens. In order to maximize savings and travel policy compliance, many organizations are requiring pre-trip approval before travel is booked. Concur’s Travel Request solution provides the highest...
How leading CFOs stay ahead of the pack - Oxford Economics... PREMIUM

Discover the six ways leading CFOs stay ahead of the pack, the rewards of leadership, why collaboration is the magic ingredient for success, and the action points that will help you become a finance leader in the revealing new research of 1,500 finance executives from Oxford Economics and SAP.

How Finance leadership pays off: Effective spending... PREMIUM

In an increasingly competitive global economy, finance teams are working harder than ever before. CFOs today are expected to drive long-term growth and performance, and most are involved in strategic decision-making outside finance.

Connect to all your spending

IT USED TO BE that your travel agent had a firm grasp on T&E. It was simple, centralized and manageable. Now, your travelers can book directly with travel vendors—and while it’s easier for them, it’s harder to control their spending.

6 ways to uncover T&E savings where you may not be looking:... PREMIUM
Travel and expense is the second largest controllable area of business spending, and many financial leaders are unaware of hidden savings opportunities. By inspecting business travel and expenses to uncover inefficiencies, Concur has discovered six cost-effective ways to unlock savings on low-hanging fruit within the business budget. The impact on your bottom line can be sizeable –...
Concur and SAP: The simple, secure way to manage spending
Leverage SAP and Concur native integration to see the full picture. Control your finances with end-to-end, automated data synchronization between Concur and your SAP systems. Integrating the world’s most powerful spend management tool with your SAP systems means you can more e ortlessly and accurately manage expense and invoice transactions to get a complete view of your nances in...