Integrated Travel and Expense Management: The benefits of a connected solution

Travel and expenses are intrinsically linked. So why manage them separately?

Most employees travel for business. They could be attending an industry conference, meeting international colleagues or visiting a client. As a result, they will incur expenses that need to be reimbursed once they return from their business trip. In fact, between 7% and 10% of an average company’s budget relates to T&E expenses.

In this whitepaper, you will learn about the benefits of integrated T&E Management. Because when you combine travel and expense, some questions are easier to answer:

  • Where can I find a full picture of travel and expense spend?
  • Are expense claims aligned to my travel policy?
  • Can I reclaim some VAT?
  • Which suppliers are we using most frequently?
To connect travel and expense management, businesses usually look for software that can manage both processes from beginning to end. This is commonly referred to as an integrated solution. The results could be cost savings, faster delivery or improved employee adoption and satisfaction.

Download this Whitepaper to find out why and what the benefits are of Integrated T&E Management.