Gain actionable insights into your Concur Travel, Expense, and Invoice data.

Make better decisions with business intelligence tools that provide the insights you need

Utilize dashboards and reports built on best-practices to deliver a more complete picture of your spend, so you can monitor trends, enforce policies and simplify your spend management.

  • Seamlessly connect to your Concur Travel, Expense, and Invoice data
  • Scheduled reports and dashboards conveniently delivered to your inbox
  • Proactively manage spend with alerts and notifications

Features of Intelligence

Data integration

Get a single, clear view into spend by combining travel, expense, invoice and credit card data analytics into one business intelligence system.

Persona-based dashboards

Gain actionable insights with interactive dashboards tailored to the business needs of each persona.

Budget tracking

Monitor your spend daily and set up alerts to help you proactively track spend against budget.

Flexible reporting

Modify existing reports or create your own custom business intelligence report that meets your specific needs.

Schedule reports and alerts

Schedule alerts and the distribution of reports and dashboards to your key stakeholders with insights customized to each audience’s unique needs.

Bring in the experts with Consultative Intelligence

Get an unlimited number of hours with expert reporting consultants to help you develop your reporting strategy and custom reports when you purchase Consultative Intelligence.

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