Improving Compliance: Ask an Expert session with SAP Concur and Blue Dot


Whether you’re trying to reduce costs to build resilience or push forward for growth, having control over your business spend through compliance is critical. A few extra miles on a journey here or an additional home internet claim there can quickly add up to an issue that is having a tangible impact on your bottom line. 
Not only that, when you don’t have confidence in your compliance, you can never be sure what is going undetected and could be picked by an HMRC inspection. 
To help you enhance compliance, we invited our experts to examine a few business cases and give you tools you need to implement a system that stands up to scrutiny in the event of an audit. 
Join our webinar to learn more:
  • How to detect fraud, control spending, mitigate risk and improve policy compliance,
  • How to meet compliance with HMRC and reclaim the right amount of VAT,
  • How to stay tax compliant with increasingly complex nature of employee benefits.
We welcome any questions you have for our experts. Please submit them via email ahead of the session. If we don’t have time to answer all questions during the webinar, we will send you responses after the event.  

Recorded Date: 18th  May 

Mark Stirling
SVP Global Channels
Casey Killilea
Sr Solution Consultant
SAP Concur

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