Energy and Natural Resources: Embracing Cloud Based Services

Businesses from every industry are increasingly relying on cloud based services. Here’s how the energy and natural resources sector is reaping the benefits…


Faster Data Analysis

Traditionally, collating, storing and analysing huge amounts of data involved plenty of time and manpower – both of which can be very expensive for businesses. Cloud based services can process data faster and free up employees for more strategic work. It can also be incredibly helpful in standardising processes and connecting global operations.


For example, we all know green energy is the future. But, because reliable green energy is still a work in progress, access to data that informs decision making can be a struggle. Intelligent, cloud based services can help – they can collect, map, analyse and report on global data 24/7, so businesses can unlock previously hidden insights more easily.


A Better Customer Experience

In the digital world, whatever your industry, customers expect instant responses. Cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are a game changer. They help businesses manage customer data securely, update them in real-time if there’s a service issue and respond to individual queries more quickly.


And it’s not just the customers who benefit. The more they engage with CRM solutions, the more customer insights and trends energy and natural resources companies can uncover.


Increased Control of Costs

Simplification is one of the biggest benefits of cloud based services and automated processes. By embracing cloud based spend management services, energy and natural resource companies can collate data from around the world into a single platform. This can help them improve spend visibility, control costs and increase compliance.


For example, when speaking about his experience with SAP Concur, Ian Widdows from EDF Energy says: “We needed a solution that worked companywide and could integrate seamlessly. We now have an employee adoption rate of over 80%, compliance has improved, bookings are down 15% and we have saved over £400,000 on travel admin.”

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