Report: Corporate Travel Sustainability Index 2020

Few people will have missed the growing prominence of the climate debate. Business travel is of course a contributor and driving more sustainable travel can have an important impact on both the planet and business.

This independent Corporate Travel Sustainability research report explores the trends, opinions and approaches to tackling this- and the positive impact of doing so.

Surveying 2,450 corporate travel decision makers and 2,000 corporate travellers across 12 EMEA countries, the report covers:

- Why sustainability is on the agenda for corporate travel decision-makers. 

- How business travellers think about sustainable travel at home and work

- What business value can be gained from sustainable policy

- Which barriers need to be overcome and which incentives help drive progress.

Pact full of interesting stats and analysis, it’s a great way to benchmark your approach to sustainability and learn about how you can make progress.

Download the report to learn more.