4 Ways HR and Travel Leaders Can Better Meet Employee and Business Needs

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In the last few years, workforce dynamics have shifted perceptibly as employees assessed what they really needed from their employers – more flexibility, balance, opportunity, equity, and satisfaction. This assessment coincided with another significant transformation: swift technological advancement that automates dull manual tasks, brings data intelligence to decisions, and gives people more freedom in how they work.  

76% of employees say a work-from-anywhere policy would increase job satisfaction.

One way that HR leaders and travel managers can prepare for these shifts - and other changes in the future – is to champion the adoption of a modern travel and expense system. In this whitepaper, we discussed with HR Campus, a strategic consultancy that offers holistic, employee-centric solutions, and concluded 4 ways that HR leaders and travel managers can better meet their business and employee needs. Download the paper to learn more.  

  1. Elevate the employee experience by creating a company culture that makes it easy for employees to do their jobs, whether in the office, working remotely, or when on the road.  

  2. Support talent recruitment and retention by building a reputation for supporting workers and providing a good work-life balance.  

  3. Boost employee productivity and performance by empowering employees to do their best work with the right tools and technology.  

  4. Enhance duty of care by improving visibility in employee locations, empowering employees with mobile access to public health and safety advisories, and providing guidance and support whenever they need it.  

Read the whitepaper to learn more details on how HR leaders and travel managers can better meet employee and business needs.